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FAQ - General

What kind of information does RetrieverAsia publish?
  • Advertising rates
  • Editorial information (general description of medium, magazine profiles)
  • Circulation figures
  • Campaign planners (publication dates, copy deadlines, closing dates)
  • Advertising specifications and mechanical requirements
  • Cover images
  • Contact details of media owners (phone numbers, addresses)
  • Editorial addresses
  • Delivery addresses
  • Specials and promotional offers
  • Research
Which media are included?
RetrieverAsia.com includes all consumer magazines, trade journals, daily newspapers, out-of-home media (indoor and outdoor), and digital media in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Who uses RetrieverAsia?
The users of RetrieverAsia are media professionals working for advertising agencies, media agencies, advertisers and PR firms. These professionals represent communication managers, media managers, marketing managers, media planners & buyers, account managers, and PR managers.
How is the media database kept up-to-date?
  • Media owners are able to submit changes on a daily basis. These updates are processed in RetrieverAsia every day
  • Media owners can edit their own information (e.g. contacts and addresses) online
  • RetrieverAsia contacts media owners if they have not monitored their information within three months.
  • Media owners inform RetrieverAsia when they launch a new medium. RetrieverAsia also actively keeps up with new introductions on the media market
How can I find relevant media for my target group?
The media tool has several search options.. For example, you can search for a specific theme, category, sector, target group, region, or location. Of course, you can also search directly for a medium/title or the name of the media owner.
How are media linked to themes and target groups, etc.?
Our central editorial team determines the appropriate link between each category, sector, theme, industry, profession, location, or region for each medium. This way your search results will exist of only relevant items.
What happens when a medium does not longer exist?
Media that do not longer exist are placed in a RetrieverAsia archive. These media are no longer included in the results of regular searches. However, the outdated information can still be retrieved by doing a 'free search' using the name of the former medium.

FAQ for media owners

What are the terms and conditions that apply when listing my media in RetrieverAsia?
What costs are associated with listing my media in RetrieverAsia?
All media owners can list their media free of charge. This method ensures a complete media database.
How can I list my media in RetrieverAsia?
Do media owners themselves have access to the media tool?
  • You can access your own information in RetrieverAsia through the administrator page at any time.
  • If you wish to view information of other media owners, RetrieverAsia offers you access to all the information in the media tool with a 25% reduction on the general rates.
What is the administrator page?
  • The administrator page is your personal 'homepage' within RetrieverAsia. Here you can:
    • Edit address an contact details
    • Upload the latest covers
    • Check your published information and e-mail a new Media Kit for publication
  • When you log in using your personal code, the administrator page shows you an up-to-date overview of your currently listed media.
How can I access my administrator page?
  • The e-mail in which we ask you to check your information details contains a link to your administrator page.
  • You can also access the administrator page using a personal login code. If you have not yet received one, contact RetrieverAsia at info@retrieverasia.com
Can I see who views my information?
RetrieverAsia uses log files. However we do not provide details on who has viewed your information. This is in line with our Privacy Statement.


Didn't you find your question?
If you have other questions, please let us know. You can send an e-mail to info@retrieverasia.com or you can ask us to call you back.