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General terms and conditions

  1. 1. Applicability
    • These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements whereby Retriever Media Informatie BV provides goods and/or services in whatever form to media owners or subscribers, even if these goods and/or services are not described in these Terms and Conditions.
    • Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions shall apply only if they have been accepted in writing by Retriever Media Informatie BV.
  2. 2. Definitions
    • 2.1 Retriever Media Informatie BV: the organization that acts as a service provider providing media information by means of a media database called "RetrieverAsia". Retriever Media Informatie BV is the owner and manager of this information system.
    • 2.2 RetrieverAsia: an independent media database designed for the purpose of gathering and disseminating a variety of information relating to the opportunities offered by various media as well as their effectiveness.
    • 2.3 Media owner: the natural person or legal person/entity that produces/sells a medium or more than one medium, and registers in RetrieverAsia all or part of the information relating to the medium/media.
    • 2.4 Subscriber: the natural person or legal person/entity that has concluded an agreement (i.e. a subscription) with Retriever Media Informatie BV for the purpose of accessing one or more information sections of RetrieverAsia.
    • 2.5 Group: a group of legally independent enterprises under joint management.
    • 2.6 Basic data: the following information relating to a particular medium or advertising opportunity: general description, standard rates, campaign periods, submission dates (copy deadlines or closing dates), material specifications (ad specifications and mechanical requirements), research/surveys and an image of the medium.
    • 2.7 Out-of-Home media: Retriever Media Informatie BV defines this as 'all media that are not found in the home' such as the traditional outdoor locations (e.g. buses, bus shelters, billboards, etc), but also local media opportunities (e.g. advertising opportunities in schools, cinemas, supermarkets, cafés, sports complexes, etc). Radio, television and daily publications are not included, with the exception of in-store radio and television.
  3. 3. Services of Retriever Media Informatie BV
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV offers publishers and media owners the opportunity to publish on RetrieverAsia, free of charge, the basic data (see point 2.6 of these General Terms and Conditions) related to the medium or media that they produce or sell, on condition that the medium or media meet(s) the inclusion criteria set by Retriever Media Informatie BV (see point 4 of these General Terms and Conditions).
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV aims to include the basic data in RetrieverAsia no more than five days after they have been received from the publisher or media owner.
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV offers subscribers the opportunity to access the information stored in RetrieverAsia. The ratesv will be set by Retriever Media Informatie BV. Subscriptions to RetrieverAsia are available only to the relevant unit/department or separate units/departments of the enterprise that will actually make use of the subscription, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
    • The subscriptions are ongoing contracts which contain a period of notice. The contracts have a term of six months or one year. Notice can be given Contracts can be terminated up to 1 month before the end of the current contract period.
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV reserves the right to amend the rates. Amended rates shall apply – unless otherwise agreed – from the date on which they are introduced.
    • In the event of a rate increase of more than 5%, Retriever Media Informatie BV will inform the subscriber before the 31st of October regarding the next year.
  4. 4. Inclusion criteria
  5. Retriever Media Informatie BV inserts all media published by companies registered in the APAC region that offer advertising space to reach consumers/professionals in the APAC region.
  6. The following media opportunities are excluded:
    • Publications that serve to stimulate the internal communication of companies/organisations and that do not offer advertising space.
    • 'Permanent' advertising (facade lettering, vehicle lettering)
    • Out-of-home media with a total reach of <2,500 persons="persons" li="li">
    • Promotion articles, merchandising, personal sales, taste-session, tailor-made products. Products offered in packages can be inserted in the database.
    • Customer magazines without advertising space.
  7. 5. Proviso

    Retriever Media Informatie BV has and reserves at all times the right to amend its rates, to amend the inclusion criteria in these General Terms and Conditions, and to modify its systems.

  8. 6. Liability
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the data supplied to it. Nevertheless, Retriever Media Informatie BV makes every effort to ensure that the information made available to it is presented correctly.
    • Retriever Media Informatie BV aims to ensure the availability of RetrieverAsia and the information stored within it. Retriever Media Informatie BV accepts no liability for damage/losses incurred during or following the use of RetrieverAsia or as a result of the unavailability of RetrieverAsia, or during or following the use of information presented by RetrieverAsia.
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